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What is the mission of Escortboard.de?

The mission of Escortboard.de is to satisfy needs and find an answer to the request of every man who is looking for female escort. It's not so easy to find a reliable service, able to provide full satisfaction up to the request of every particular client. As for us, we have worked in this segment for many years, providing high-quality customer service. You will be surprised, but each girl is not only fabulously beautiful but also charming and elegant. With such a girl, every man will feel special.

For those who are looking for passion and hot emotions, there is the possibility of individual selection. We assure you that you will remember such a meeting for the rest of your life! Our escort girls are really skilled in seduction. They know how to charm and give a man the highest pleasure at all levels.

It's a relatively common situation when men who are successful and experienced in life can't find a good girl to relax with. But loneliness is not the solution. We take the responsibility on us to help find escort ladies up to the expectations of even the most selective client. 

And, if you are planning a vacation or have a great desire to spend time romantically, then our girls are at your service! We guarantee that a few hours or the whole weekend will bring an ocean of emotions and an excellent mood for a long time! Our escort reviews prove that. Very often, the client comes to us to ride a particular service for a short time, but then he turns back to get a girl for much longer. 

In our database, there are girls of various types and appearances. In it, every man will definitely find precisely the one he dreamed of! These are blondes, brunettes, and redhead women with long legs, beautiful figures, and charming charisma. All posted information in the profiles is absolutely true.

Regarding the selection of available services, we did our best to find girls in all popular categories. Moreover, we work with individual requests. If you need smth special but can't find it with a standard search, don't hesitate to contact us, and our managers will find the way.

Why should I trust your escort service?

For men who need escort girls from time to time or on a regular basis, it's essential to find a service where there is no need to think or worry about minor details. We know that, and that's why we offer cooperation on absolutely clear and understandable conditions for both sides.

Our escort has been presented on the market for a long time, and we highly value our reputation. That's why we are ready to provide a high level of service for our clients. Satisfied client = our success, and such words as reliability and trustworthiness are our priorities. You can rely on our escorts service and tell us all your hidden dreams.

Our agency provides reliability and safety for both parties. We care about maintaining a high level of professionalism and quality of services offered by their escort girls. We conduct a rigorous selection process to ensure that our escorts have the necessary skills and characteristics to meet clients' needs.

In addition, an escort agency helps its clients find the perfect girl to escort to various events or meetings. We provide detailed information about our models, taking into account the preferences and expectations of customers. Thanks to this, the choice becomes more accessible and more enjoyable.

The escort service strives to maintain a reputation for reliability and quality. We invest in the continuous development of our escorts, providing training and skill development. This allows us to maintain a leading position in the escort services market and be in demand among clients.

Thus, an escort agency is an integral part of the escort industry, providing a high level of service, security, and customer satisfaction.

We always ask our clients for feedback as it helps new clients to make a choice, and also it helps us to make our service better. 

We work in absolutely legal basics. You can get all the necessary documents on your request to ensure the business is legal. We care for and protect every client.

Looking for escort who would make all dreams and wishes come true? Contact us, and we'll find the way.

How does it work?

Follow simple and easy steps to order and book escort girls:

  1. Registration. Fill in a simple questionnaire. We pay special attention to safety, checking every client before cooperation. 
  2. Selection. Choose the type, age, desired service, duration of the meeting, and other details with a user-friendly search.
  3. Making order. Order escort service to get a girl of model appearance to accompany you to any event or spend a wonderful evening with her. 
  4. Special request. If you have a special request, please contact our managers, who will help you find the best solution.

Our models from escort services will gladly keep you company. The client chooses the format of the meeting, and the agency managers can answer any additional questions. 

We guarantee that you will receive a charge of positive emotions in a pleasant atmosphere of seduction and passion.

What about prices?

The service offers variable pricing plans for any taste and needs for escort service. The prices at escort websites are really satisfying, and they vary, depending on the chosen girl and available services:



0.5 hour




1 hour




2 hours




3 hours




6 hours




12 hours




24 hours




48 hours




Standard options for the most available high-quality services are 1, 2, and 3 hours.

For trips or vacations standard escorts option is 1-2 or more days. 

Female escort for vacations, business trips, or holidays is discussed individually.

What escort services does Escortboard have?

We offer our clients the best professional female escort, ready to provide variable services. 

Most men who come to escort website are looking for classical things. Our girls are prepared to bring satisfaction in such passionate categories as 69 position or classical vaginal sex. Those men who want to get additional impressions can add to this service cum in the face, cum in the mouth, or cum on body. These options are the perfect choice for men who want to try escort for the first time but don't know what to start with. Uniforms can be a great addition to the classical approach.

If you want to dive into the world of oral pleasures, we have many options to offer. For men who like to bring pleasure to the girl, there is cunnilingus option. Our escort directory is available to clean girls who can provide oral without condom. If it's not enough, there is deepthroat with guaranteed satisfaction. 

Of course, the list of services wouldn't be complete without services for men with unique preferences. If you like to play, we provide strapon service, bondage, and sex toys. Classical sex can be boring, but it doesn't mean the client can't get pleasure! We offer girls in these categories for fun, variable, and unforgettable sex.

Every man dreams that sex with a prostitute is unique. An experienced escort knows how to achieve what she wants. The best way is rimming passive. This zone has many sensitive endings that give bright orgasms when stimulated. One more option for a new experience - prostate massage, is not only pleasant but also healthy.

Of course, the list of services of local escorts is not limited to all mentioned above. To see the complete list of available options for euro escort, there is a user-friendly search with the help of which you can find the best match.

Where does a meeting take place?

We provide variable options for meeting with the girls. 

Where the meeting with girls from escort sites will take place will depend on the customer's preferences. It is possible to go to a restaurant, attend a business meeting and go to a social event together.

For sex, men most often stop at brothel.  A great option can be a love hotel. One more equal variant -  gentleman's club. In these places, the atmosphere is most conducive to passionate relationships. If a man is interested in experiments, strip club can be an excellent solution. It's a great alternative to a classical nightclub. First, here you can adequately warm up and relax, and then you can retire with a girl. A sauna club can also be an excellent solution. And if you first need to relax, then there is no better option than a massage salon.

For brave men not afraid of experiments suitable variant can be femdom studio. Looking for a company of others? Pay attention to the swingers club. For people with special preferences, there are BDSM clubs.

Want to combine fun and entertainment? This is not a problem because you can choose adult movies theater. Do you want to dive into the atmosphere of old Hollywood movies? Then, cabaret is a great option.

Well, for those who like to play, sex shops will be the perfect solution.

The meeting with escort crawler is not always short-term and is not always aimed only at receiving a particular service from a man. Often companions are needed to create the right impression. It can also be a joint trip abroad, a pleasant evening at a spa, or other entertainment venues.

There are several situations in which men resort to an escort:

  • As an accompaniment to essential events.
  • For the chosen services from the list.
  • For vacation on a long-term basis. 

Still have a question how to find prostitutes? Contact us, and we'll answer all your additional questions.

What kind of girl can I book from your escort service?

All the girls from escort list we select meet such criteria as pleasant appearance, good manners, and self-confidence. Available options for choice are as follows:

  1. Hair. In our catalog of escort affairs we offer a huge selection of girls with blonde, brown, black, or red hair of any length. 
  2. Breast. We have girls in the catalog with breast sizes from A to H and more, and you can choose both natural or silicone options.
  3. Weight/height. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a tiny girl with a weight of 45kg / 99 lbs less and a height of no more than 155cm / 5'1" less, or for a high supermodel whose height is 181cm / 5'11" more. Or maybe you're looking for a gorgeous beauty in an escort finder with a weight of 111 kg / 245 lbs more. 
  4. Eyes. Do you prefer dark black eyes or bright green, or do you have any other preferences for eye color? Make your choice of escort girl taking into account this option. 
  5. Habits. Do you care about bad habits? We offer girls, many of whom are smokers, non-smokers, or eventually smokers. 
  6. Tattoo. We've created an option for you to choose a girl with/without a tattoo and piercing if you care about small things. 
  7. Orientation. Some men are looking not only for straight but also for bisexual, lesbian, or homosexual girls for sexual games. Sexual variety is our priority.

What types of escort can I order from you? Are there any limits?

We offer a lot of variable options for escort girls for any taste:

  • Incall escort and outcall escort to make the meeting as comfortable as possible for the client. 
  • Ts, shemale, trans, tranny, and transexual variants. The most passionate and sensitive sex, perverted caresses, and fantasy fulfillment are guaranteed. Also, independent escort offers a gay category. One more option for an unforgettable experience - ladyboy. Are you not ready for such unique experiences? Try crossdresser for exciting sexual gameplay.
  • Mature. Clients of the best escort sites can find sexy adult women over 40 (age) who are more than experienced in sex. 
  • Porn star. For particularly complex techniques, it is worth spending more money and ordering leisure time from an elite prostitute fluent in many unusual erotic techniques.
  • The BBW category is perfect for those who enjoy watching multiple partners having hot and steamy sex scenes.
  • Milf girls are exactly what you need for pure pleasure.
  • Big ass and big tits. There are many options for our clients to find a girl with the perfect body for your request. 

It doesn't matter if you look for a cougar or male cheap escort. You'll find your match. If you still have additional questions, you can consult with our managers, and they will definitely help you to find an option for your satisfaction.

When should I make a reservation for an escort, ideally?

Before the first date with the female escorts the clients have to understand that the girls have a busy roster.

It is best to book the girl you like in advance, 2-3 days before the event, so that she is free at the right time. In extreme cases, you can find escort for your needs within a couple of hours.

Very often, the girls are busy for a long time beforehand. So in case, you have a specific request, know what you are looking for, and are not ready to go on compromises, contact us, and let's discuss the conditions. We'll do our best to provide you with the girl you're looking for

In order to get such a girl from an escort search, you should think beforehand and make your choice. 

If you have any special requests, don't hesitate to contact the manager and get professional help. Our service was created to make every client's request fulfilled, and we're able to offer exclusive girls for any taste.

Is it possible to contact the escorts before the date?

We don't provide such an option, as we care about the safety of the girls first of all. It's not an independent escorts, but a reliable service where work professionals with one big aim - bring happiness to our clients.

Working in an escort, although it assumes that clients are wealthy and quite decent people, still any man can lose his adequacy. In addition, many representatives of the stronger sex believe that everything is allowed for money. Therefore they can pose a real threat to the unsuspecting girl who came to the meeting.

Escort is a job for our girls, and for every job, there should be payment as it's not cheap escorts. All our clients go through a verification procedure before making the payment, and it's done only to protect the girls. If you want to meet with a girl before making an order for a long time or even a vacation, you can choose the option of a 30-minute meeting. This time is more than enough to know each other better and make your choice from the escort directory.

Also, we have an opportunity to meet the client in the office. You can directly talk with the manager, and in some cases, we can make exclusive offers. Mostly it's related to situations when the client wants to make a big order or to take a girl for a long time. We're flexible, but only in terms when it doesn't bother the safety of the girl because we care about every one of our ladies, trying to create comfortable conditions for cooperation on both sides.

Advanced agencies provide escort services on a contractual basis. The contract's text prescribes a specific scope of services, which is limited in place and time. After all, safety is the main priority.

Can I cancel the booking?

The whole procedure to find escorts is instead time-consuming. The agency works as a watch, and every detail in this mechanism is in its place. So no big surprise that if one of them gets out of order, it influences the whole system. To get a girl out, clients must go through the registration procedure and also make a payment. Every girl from escort websites has to do a lot of things to get prepared for the meeting, and it takes time, money, and a lot of effort. So it's not that easy to cancel the appointment. In case something happens and you need to postpone it, you have to contact us beforehand. If you decide to cancel the meeting right before it has to be, that would be pending. We highly value our girls and want to make some assurance for them. Most of our clients understand this themselves.

If you decide to cancel the booking of female escorts beforehand, contact our support service, and we will try to find the best solution. In some cases, it's possible to change the date, while in others we can make some compensation. The strong part of our agency is customer service. That's why we are always open to cooperation and ready to find the best solution.

What information do you need for booking?

So you've decided to take the plunge and meet an escort girl. You are probably asking yourself where to start. Here are some helpful tips on how to make this tough decision a little easier. Just follow a few simple steps, and you'll find the best option personally for yourself:

  • Personal details(name, you can use a pseudonym). We ask our clients to go through the registration procedure to get their identity checked before meeting with the escort girl. It's an essential step as we highly value the safety of all the girls and don't want them to go at any risk. At the same time, you can be sure your information will be fully protected, and it wouldn't go to any third parties. As for the meeting with the girl itself, you can choose any name and present yourself as you wish. Nobody would ask additional questions.
  • The place where the girl should come. Our clients very often order girls not only for their service but also for their company. That's why escort crawler is very often guest at official meetings. Also, any girl can be a great partner for different activities, meeting with friends, or vacations. No matter where you are going, you'll always get the perfect companion. With us, you can easily order an escort service at home, arrange a date with a beautiful girl in a public place, or arrange a joint trip with her.
  • The time. If you are planning an event and you urgently need a stunning escort girl, then you have come to the right place! We will offer you a portfolio of girls according to specific criteria, and you must choose a model. You need to specify when you need crawler escort and check who is available. Our girls are very busy because we have a lot of permanent clients who choose us for outstanding service. To become one of them, new clients have to follow simple rules and make easy bookings.
  • The day. Also, don't forget to specify the day when you plan to get the service. For some categories, it's essential to make a booking a long time beforehand as, for example, pornstar escort has very busy roasters. In some cases, clients have to show not only their desire to meet but also patience.
  • How many hours will you book? It's one of the most essential points, as it influences the total price of service. Time depends on the client, his wishes, financial opportunities, and expectations. The price list is given on the website. If you have any additional questions, you can ask them directly to the support service. We are willing to make every client happy, so we're always open to finding solutions for any situation in the escort list.
  • Your wishes or ideas. If you want to use other services from our agency that are not listed on our website, then you should contact the managers, and we will try to do our best and provide this requested service. You can learn more about the services we provide from our consultants, and their contacts are listed on our website. We strive to do everything possible for our clients so that cooperation with us leaves you only positive emotions and you become our regular client. Further actions are discussed by female escorts individually with each client, depending on his requirements and wishes. Prices for female escort services, depending on certain circumstances, vary up and down and are discussed with each client individually!

Is it possible for individuals with disabilities to make a booking with ladies?

There are over a billion people with disabilities in the world today. Many of them face stigma, discrimination, and exclusion. Somehow people are used to thinking that other people with disabilities don't end any sexual interaction, but this is so much faster than the reality. All people are the same, and all have a natural need to get pleasure. The question is, whats an escort in this case? It's clear that escort ladies can provide such services with special experience in this sphere, as clients with some disabilities may need additional services and individual approaches.

Any person needs sex, including a person with a disability. At the same time, it is necessary to have specific experiences, and not everyone will be able to provide such services to people with disabilities. Escorts need to be much more sensitive and attentive to their clients for them to enjoy themselves.

It is very easy for people with disabilities to cover their sexuality with euro escort. Sex is as important as food.

If to have a look at our escort review, it can be seen that many people with disabilities find here personalized approach. All the girls who work in this category went through special training and knew how to bring pleasure, helping the client to feel calm and relaxed. There is no shame in sex and no need to be shy.

What are the different methods available for making a payment to make a book?

The comfort of the client is the first priority for our service. For us, escorting meaning is not just service itself but also an individual approach. That's why we made it possible to pay for the escort service in many ways, choosing the most convenient among them: 

Cash. Paying the girl for her service with cash is one of the most common ways for most clients. Paying in cash is quite simple - have the right amount in your wallet and in the right currency to pay for escort index. The advantage of using cash is that you can pay with it anywhere without extra fees.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the order, our specialists select the most comfortable payment terms. As for cash payment for escort services, it is the most common for most clients because, in this way, they can remain as anonymous as possible. Given the fact that there are a lot of people among the clients who would not like to be noticed, this option is ideal. No one will ever know what happened behind the closed door because everything remains between the client and the girl.

Bank transfer in advance. The first of the advantages of non-cash payment to escort girl is, of course, ease of use: bank cards, as well as smart devices, allow you to make a payment quickly—no need to carry a bag or wallet with money. Everyone always has a smartphone, with which you can easily create a payment. In addition, it is very convenient to purchase goods and pay for services online.

The next advantage of non-cash payments is hygiene. Compared to cash, the use of bank cards is considered more hygienic.

In case of loss or theft of a bank card, the risk of losing your money is lower than in case of loss of cash. Bank cards are password protected. And the sooner the loss is detected, the less money will be lost by its owner. If you want to order pornstar escorts or any other category, you can easily do it on our site. 

The prices for the available services are fixed, but at the same time, nobody can stop the count if he wants to thank the girl additionally and give her tips. But it should be remembered that tips and gifts are not obligatory. Everything is just the free will of the client. Many permanent users choose the same crawler escort all the time, so no big surprise that with the flow of time among them, special interaction is maintained. It's quite a natural wish of a man to give presents to the girl who he likes. But only on the freewill basics.

Is it legal and confidential?

Our company is present in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  Escort here is 100% legal.

Modern escort agencies operate on a legal basis. In addition, the law in the country allows prostitution. On the positive side, local escort now has the right to sue negligent clients, are organized in their own trade unions, and receive old-age pensions. As for confidentiality, it's guaranteed. 

The administration does not transfer or disclose information provided by users (clients) when registering and using the site functions to third parties. We guarantee complete anonymity to our clients. Also, since many of our models are well-known personalities and we value privacy, we closed access to their profiles for those not our club members.

Personal information that the user transmits under no circumstances will be disclosed. (Except in cases related to the legislation of the country). We guarantee that no outsider will know you are using escort site.

Also, we do not share your contact information without the client's consent.

We also hope that our clients will show responsibility and will not transfer their access to the site to third parties.

Basically, all the client's private information is safely kept by our system and never goes out. Even in the interaction with the girl, the client can call any name, so as a result, he keeps incognito. None of the girls really care if it's a real name or not because it's not the most essential thing in their job. They have other priorities. The main idea of escort is to help clients and escort girls meet each other, keep the meeting from the eyes of other people, and maintain safety for all sides. To get all the listed benefits, clients should carefully look through the available options and interact only with reliable agencies. We have been present on the market for a long time and can guarantee 100% protection from any safety problems. We value each and every one of our clients and are ready to help them find the best option to satisfy their needs.

What do I have to keep in mind to ensure a successful and trouble-free date?

As they say, it is enough to decide on your wishes and pay for them, and the rest will be done by girls from escorts. But still, not everything is so simple - some recommendations exist. Consider the main common factors that should be considered to choose a girl for the perfect date.

Like any other professionals, escort girls have to spend a lot of their time, energy, and effort to serve a client. Therefore, try to exclude rudeness and inappropriate behavior - and girls are usually ready to give polite customers more passion and affection. After all, you came to enjoy sex with escort services. So, good atmosphere will bring mucb more pleasure.

You should not go to the chosen girl drunk - no woman likes this.

It is strongly recommended to agree in advance on your preferences and plans - what services you need. After all, some are limited to classic sex, while other men are interested in various sexual fantasies and experiments. 

It's absolutely prohibited to take any photos or videos with the girl. What is going on in bed must be left in bed. Escort service cares about all sides, girls, and clients, so anonymity is the priority.

As for the health risks, they are excluded because our company only works with reliable girls. At the same time, we care about the girls and their safety, and that's why the client is obliged to use condoms. 

In case the clients choose a female escort without a good reputation, he can face a substantial risk of losing his money, as there are ways to cheat a man who is looking for sex. That's why it's very important to choose only reliable services. We have been presented on the market for many years and are ready to help each and every one of our clients to get what they are looking for. And safety is our priority.